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A trifecta of powerful budgeting tools, working together to help you achieve all your financial goals: Connections - Budgets - Projects

Connections is an optional feature that allows you to connect to your bank and other financial institutions in order to retrieve posted transactions and balance information. We'll categorize the transactions for you, and allow you to establish your own categories to enable you to easily build your budget automatically based on your prior spending habits. Connections allow you to visually see your transactions like never before, revealing trends in spending through graphs and charts. Post transactions directly to your budget to keep your budget up to date, eliminating data entry mistakes and omissions.

Our advanced budgeting system allows you to keep track of your finances, regardless of whether you use connections or not. You can start anytime. Includes features that make creating and maintaining a zero based budget a breeze, showing you the difference between budget balance and checkbook balance, and alerting you to potential problems before they happen. Go back in history to see how your budget performed in prior months. Packed with features that will make budgeting fun.

Sometimes, achieving those big goals require more advanced tools, especially if those goals contain multiple expenses of a variety of amounts that come due on different dates. Wouldn't it be nice to have a system that will show you how you can achieve that goal, taking into consideration months where you can set aside a little extra (or a little less), and then spreading the rest out evenly over the remaining months? Projects has the brains to handle that for you, and will integrate directly with your budget to make sure you have the funds available as the bills roll in.

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