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Rent Me!
June 20th, 2019  Before you make that next purchase, ask yourself, Would renting be a better choice?

Get it in writing!
February 3rd, 2018  Recently, I was a victim of a deceptive sales practice, whereas my cell-phone provider offered to put me on a new plan and upgrade my phone, and my total monthly bill..

The 52 week challenge!
December 6th, 2017  The popular savings strategy is back, but does it work?

Strategies for Managing Student Loan Debt
March 27th, 2017  Student Loans can have a huge negative impact to your budget. Consider these strategies to provide some relief.

Want protection? Feed him first!
December 13th, 2015  The very first financial goal you should work on is your cash stash, money you have stored in a safe place in your home. This goal should be completed prior to paying off any debt, prior to contributing to a 401K, and even prior to getting caught up on late bills! Why is this goal so important and what kind of protection does this provide?

Are you about to lose control?
November 12th, 2015  It's that time of year again. As the holidays approach, the crazies come out in full force!

So, how do we provide instant relief?
October 11th, 2015  If you look at our logo above, you'll see our trademark slogan "Providing Instant Relief for Financial Pressure". Almost sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?

How Much Home Can You Afford?
April 5th, 2015  In a recent workshop, a young couple was looking to buy their first house and was wondering where to start. Home ownership is a huge financial decision that you'll want to consider all factors before taking the dive, because a mistake on one of many variables can cost you more than you think down the road, financially and emotionally.

6 Reasons to Balance Your Checkbook
February 18th, 2015  Take a close look at your checkbook. Is it balanced? Is the word "balanced" even a part of your financial vocabulary? Your budget will work best if you know how much money you have in your checking account to begin with, and the only way to know that is...

Getting a Large Refund?
January 5th, 2015  It's that time of year when many will file their tax returns for last year looking forward to a very nice large refund. Many rely on that money to pay for expenses incurred during the holidays. What if the IRS delayed your refund? Why would they and what is the better alternative?...

Budget Ninjas vs. The 52 Week Challenge!
December 27th, 2014  You've probably seen a few posts recently of individuals accepting the 52 week savings challenge. For the last couple of years, the 52 week money challenge has been a popular way for people to try to put some extra money into their pockets during the year. The standard version has you putting aside the number of dollars...

Assembly required?
December 22nd, 2014  As Christmas 2014 approaches, I think about all the toys I have purchased for my kids over the past years, and how many of them came with an "owners manual", with the dreaded parental note of "assembly required". If you're like me, you...

Free for All!
November 27th, 2014  Here I sit on my 49th Thanksgiving, being very thankful for...

Zero to Budget in 5 minutes!
July 30th, 2014  Now you can get your budget up and running in less than 5 minutes with our quick-start template. Simply pick from our list of common expenses to include in your own budget, adjust the dates and amounts as desired, and you have what it takes to start a real budget...

All systems go! WE ARE LIVE!!!
July 1st, 2014  What a fitting time to go live with the book Budget Ninjas, and the Budget Master Online Service. As we approach July 4th to celebrate our independence from tyranny and oppression, you can now begin the process to celebrate your freedom from debt and the pressures of living from paycheck to paycheck...

Hold on to your butts!
April 29th, 2014  I love that line from the movie Jurassic Park by Samuel L. Jackson, as the dinosaur tour was getting ready to start. The excitement that was in the air as the kids jumped in the two Jeeps, ready to experience something that no one ever had. Well, that's exactly what I did as I pressed the master switch to turn on the Budget Master Online Service...

Stealing Focus - By Dennis K Byrd
October 13th, 2013  Stealing focus. What is it? Is it the unlawful acquistion of a popular Ford vehicle? The rewrite of a movie? A fancy new pair of sunglasses? Nope, none of these. For me, "stealing focus" was...

The countdown to "go-live" - 9/18/13 update
September 18th, 2013  Today is our baby girl's 17th birthday and I stand amazed at how grown up and independent she has become. It's getting hard watching her grow up right before our eyes! Our friends Scott and Vicki recently shipped their son off to...

Budget Ninjas is now on FaceBook!
April 5th, 2013  Our facebook and twitter pages have been activated! We focus mainly on facebook, but our twitter account is linked to facebook so you wont miss any posts. Our goal to using facebook is to keep our audience infornmed about the latest news and events, but also to...

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