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Dennis Byrd, a licensed financial professional, author, and founder of Budget Ninjas LLC in 2013, has also held a career in the computer technology field for over three decades. Dennis served on the Board of Directors for his church as their treasurer and is active in providing financial counsel for many groups and individuals. Over the years, Dennis has developed accounting and payroll software for several companies and has used those skills, along with his financial counseling experiences, to perfect his unique approach to home budgeting - building the Budget Ninjas system. Dennis teaches his ironclad home budgeting process through workshops to individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Contact us below for booking information.

Our mission is not to get you focused on your finances, but to get you into a position where you don't have to be. We do this through our online tools - Connections, Budgets, & Projects. The software system was designed with an intuitve user interface that makes budgeting easy and fun. Packed full of features, we're confident that once you start, you'll be hooked and ready to join our army of Budget Ninjas. Our desire is for you to be able to make inspiring comments like these:

"It not only saved my marriage, it saved my life."
"I didn't know I could do that."
"My dreams are really coming true!"
"Peace. Finally, I have peace."

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I work hard to make budgeting easy AND fun. Follow Budget Ninjas on facebook to get the latest news, tips, and advice. You'll find Ninja Nuggets, posts sharing timely advice, and the Budget Buddies comic series, where I try to put a little humor on the serious subject of money management. We welcome your advice and tips as well as we build an army of budget ninjas. Hope to see you there!

- Dennis K Byrd.

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